Welcome Wagon

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Welcome Wagon

Whether I’ve moved across town, across the state or across the country, I’ve learned a new address is exciting, but also exhausting. Lots of packing, planning, organizing, loading….and then unloading, unpacking, reorganizing, etc. Wow. 

Finally settled, it's when you can relax. Invite friends and family over to celebrate and enjoy the new space. 

Why is it called a “housewarming” gift? It's actually a term that descends literally from the act of warming a new house. Long before central heating; invited guests would bring firewood as gifts. They’d light the hearths throughout the home and warm it up. 

In modern times, the tradition of “housewarming” has evolved, but the sentiment holds true. Sharing a Welcome Wagon gift box filled with an assortment of curated homewares is a wonderful way to warm any new space.

The Welcome Wagon gift box is the perfect way to acknowledge all of the work spent moving while offering a few fun (and functional) homewares intended to warm any abode.

See Inside

Guest Towel by Scents and Feel. The fouta guest towel is versatile enough to be used as a hand towel in the bathroom, or as a tea/dish towel in your kitchen. 

Olive Wood Cutting Board by Scents and Feel. It may be smaller than your average boardl, but it’s mighty! Use for cutting, a cheese or charcuterie board or as a decorative accent in your kitchen. 

Leather Coasters by Stitch & Shutter. Set of four, handmade square coasters is both practical and decorative. A classic addition to any space. 

Coast Cyprus Petite Candle by Makana Candles. A scent story of a lush, verdant coastime that captures salty, ocean aire with conifer trees and grounded by earthy peppergrass.

Send as a Gift
This hand-crafted gift box is a sweet and thoughtful addition to any home. Whether it’s their first apartment, condo or forever home.