...To New Adventures

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...To New Adventures

Around this time last year, while on a walk to get a cup of coffee, I discovered the space that would be Red Lark in Park Hill. An ideal spot on a sweet street and within walking distance of my home. I had no idea what it would take to bring an idea like this to life or what it really meant to own a small business. I never imagined what it would teach me but it has been an incredible journey and continues to push me and excite me every day! 

COVID - 19 came along and swept us all into its tornado. All of sudden we were in the midst of a massive storm and I’ve been forced to make some very quick decisions to save my business. I want to inform you that I have made the difficult choice to close Red Lark’s storefront and continue only online. Ultimately the current state of the world and the enormous economic burden small businesses are dealing with as a result of the shutdown is what led to this decision.  However, in order to continue on the path of doing what I love - providing unique, thoughtfully-curated, quality goods, I will build on the recent success of Red Lark’s online shop.

It’s strange to imagine closing our doors permanently, but I’m looking forward to all the adventures ahead and there is a lot happening behind the scenes!

I will continue to deliver the fine work and stories of local and international makers and I’m exploring creative ways to collaborate with local businesses to keep the shop’s experience alive, including pop-ups where you can “touch and feel” the products, event consultation and a robust personal gifting service. 

I would love for you to share redlarkshop.com with your friends. I look forward to staying in touch! I'm always available on social or you can reach me on our contact page. 

In appreciation of your continued support,
please use the code “RedLarkOnline” for 15% off your next order.
The best is yet to come!

Be Well,