Thinking of You

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Thinking of You

During Red Lark’s early days, a dear customer reached out and asked if I could put together a meaningful gift for a client that had recently lost her husband. I was genuinely touched that she trusted me with such a significant gift.

I immediately thought of my prior experiences with grief and loss. For me, the still moments during the evenings were most difficult. I craved light, warm place and cozy corners. With those thoughts in mind, I imagined sipping warm tea in a beautiful mug, with a soft-scented candle burning nearby. 

See Inside

Hand-dipped Mug by Lafayette Avenue Ceramics. A generously sized mug intended to fill your hands, belly and heart with warm/soothing vibes. 

Jasmine Tea by No. 6 Depot. Lightly fermented and infused with freshly-picked Jasmine blossoms. 

Pure Clover Honey by Bumbleberry Farms. A small-batch production of Heritage Select Pure Clover Honey, bottled in a vintage honey jar that helps preserve the beekeeping traditions. 8 oz. 

Olive Wood Honey Dipper by Scents and Feel. The perfect honey accessory is handmade using the elegantly veined beauty of olive wood. 

Rosewater Petite Candle by Makana Candles. A soft garden rose with a citrus undertone. 

Send as a Gift
The Thinking of You gift box is intended to be a vessel of warm thoughts for someone that needs it. Either during a moment of profound grief or just because the universe has recently handed them a hefty load of “lemons.” Imagine how they will feel when opening a package filled with love and items meant to soothe, nourish and nurture.