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The (Not So) Lonely House

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The (Not So) Lonely House

Twenty-twenty. A new decade. An emotional roller coaster. 

Each month layered with new challenges and some deep valleys. But, we've also been fortunate to enjoy some lighter moments and some unexpected turns along the way. 

Back in May while in the thick of quarantine, we decided to take a long walk. With coffee in our hands, we stood in front of a lonely-looking house. Sitting on a corner lot on a great street with a "For Sale" sign posted in the front yard. We snuck behind a less-than-secure fence.

Inside, we found a beautiful yard filled with loads of messy leaves, sagging branches and a very tired swing set. We also saw all the potential. The next day we submitted an offer and the lonely house is now ours. Not to be lonely for long. 

We're sad to say goodbye to our current house in the heart of our friendly Park Hill neighborhood. We love visiting with our neighbors as they walk by and will miss our little spot on the parkway, but we've decided to drift sixteen blocks south in pursuit of a big backyard and the opportunity to design our own home. 

It'll be a long road with a move-in date some time March of 2022...???

So, if you enjoy design "creeping" as much as I do....get ready!