Great Living Space

Most living rooms exist as the home’s relaxation or socializing space. It’s generally filled with comfortable chairs, sofas, a fireplace and a TV. It’s where you can watch a movie, read a book, entertain guests and take a nap.

Considering how often it’s used and how important it is, are you happy with yours? Or is it missing something? Perhaps it feels good, but you want it to feel great.  Here are some ways to take it from good to great.

  •  A Shearling Rug. It’s not just for the floor! Versatile, a sheepskin rug makes a beautiful statement on the back of the sofa, draped over an ottoman or sprawled on a wood bench.  It adds texture and coziness without compromising modern style.
  • Statement Baskets. A trend that’s here to stay. A basket wall is the perfect way to layer new art into your living space. You can choose bold colors or monochromatic tones depending on your existing décor. It’s creates a focal point in your room, and if you change your mind, they’re easily to take down and use in other places.
  • Stoneware Crock. Both decorative and functional, it’s meant to live on the mantle or hearth. Filled with wood, it invites you to enjoy a fireside chat. It’s a simple, soft touch and a conversation piece.
  • Throw Blankets & Accent Pillows. An instant upgrade to your comfy couch or side chair. I stick to only a few pillows that I love. Too many and they end up looking messy. However, a few tasteful pillows can easily be rotated depending on the season or mood. The same goes with throw blankets. A generously soft and stylish blanket is the perfect combination of function and style.
  • Books. A staple in every living space. Featuring a variety of books creates a visual story and gives you an opportunity to showcase your personality. You can stack them or line them up. It’s nice to place a photo between them or use a couple to flank the end of a table. It’s fun.
  • Plants & Planters. Add some life with a few special houseplants. Recently, I’ve embraced finding and keeping plants throughout the house. I enjoy watching them grow and I find myself wanting to bring more home. Give them a special home in a natural ceramic planter.
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