Spring Cleaning

A particularly relevant topic these days. We have less control with what’s happening in the world around us, but we can take steps to feel safe and comfortable at home. Nothing beats a deep clean. I’m one of those crazy people that enjoys cleaning and finds scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming a cathartic practice.

And, when the surfaces are free and clear it’s a great time to reconfigure and reorganize. When the space around you feels manageable it reduces time spent searching for the matching glove, car keys, phone, headphones, etc. With everything in its own place there’s a clear road map for cleaning. We’re all trying to minimize dust and harmful germs and reducing clutter is the first step.

A few simple tips to get you started and inspire a fresh feeling in your space.  

  • Weekly Calendar: An incredibly useful tool to organize meals, social plans, goal tracking and all our extra curricular activities. It’s happy to live on your desk, kitchen counter or any frequently visited spot. I find that jotting down notes throughout the day helps me prioritize and clear my mind. It’s a gentle reminder of where you need to focus your precious time and energy.
  • Glass Seal-tight Containers: An eco-friendly alternative to plastic food storage or bags is the glass container. They keep soups, snacks and leftovers from spilling, and frankly, I think it’s more enjoyable eating from glass rather than plastic. They are easy to clean and store nicely.
  • Clock: A traditional piece that serves an important function. According to Feng Shui theory, it’s necessary to have a clock in your home. There are so many options and styles to fit your needs. Additionally, having a visible clock allows you to walk away from your phone while still being mindful of the time.
  • Baskets: A commonly used storage stable. Versatile enough to hold toys, blankets, magazines, carry picnic essentials or visit the farmers market – there is nothing a good basket can’t solve. Neutral colors match all decors and add texture.
  • Leather Wall Envelope: A practical and fun accessory for your home office. Store your unpaid bills, notes and small pads of paper. I love their clean lines and its modern style.
  • Wall Hooks: Functional décor at it’s best. Coats, leashes, aprons find a home either in an entry way, kitchen or mudroom. I hang as much as I possibly can. It’s easier to spot when you’re looking for and keeps items off the floor or scattered around.
  • Wallet: Bigger is better in my opinion. Some (perhaps most) would disagree. However, I like having every credit card, ID, gift card, coupon, cash, receipt, etc. at my fingertips. Contained together where it’s simple for me to move from bag-to-bag. A new wallet is gift to yourself that you’ll use daily.
  • Trinket Tray: The “catch all” tray is essential. I keep them all over the house. Keys, jewelry, lip balm, moisturizer and small change mingle together. They are easy to move to where there needed most. There are so many unique and fun options available. It’s an affordable way to add personality to your space.
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