Long Live the Boutique

I’m often asked, “Why do you want to own a shop?” With so many big box stores and convenient online shopping at our finger tips, isn’t it a wild and crazy idea to open a brick and mortar store?

Well, here’s why…

I’ve always loved shopping. Sometimes it’s conversational or quiet. Social or personal. It’s a moment of time for us to imagine or re-imagine. Eventually it leads to buying or deciding to continue looking.

As a little girl, I would study all my Mom’s store catalogs and fashion magazines. It was a journey of possibilities and as I turned page-after-page of curtains, clothing, shoes or accessories my mind would be swimming with ideas.

As I got older, it changed to “browsing.” The beloved activity of exploration. Discovering unique antique shops, getting lost in book stores or boutiques, searching flea markets and stumbling into a true “hidden gem.” I love the smells, music playing, overheard conversations, the sounds of footsteps on worn floors and thoughtfully curated displays. The experience was always sweeter when I was able to connect with the shop owner and they could share quick anecdotes on their favorite items.

Secretly, I wanted my own little “Shop Around the Corner.”

When I first spotted the “For Lease” sign in the window, I immediately thought, this is “it.” This is the future home of Red Lark. It’s the perfect place for people to explore beautiful things and imagine new possibilities. I want guests to feel welcome to wind-down, slow-down, browse and enjoy the shopping experience.

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