Let's Wrap

I love the entire gifting process.  Around here, it goes without saying, the details matter. I love taking a little extra time to make the gift experience truly special. 

It starts with paper...

Do you have loads of wrapping from years past? I did. 

 I hate to be wasteful and never want to miss an opportunity to use every last shred. 

But, here's the problem...

So many odds and ends is just a giant mess. Nothing is coordinated. 

Even when carefully stored, simple wrinkles developed over time.

I decided to recycle the old paper and start fresh.

Modern patterns and neutral colors.

For a clean under-the-tree composition. 

Flair isn't a dirty word. 

Spruce it up with natural elements!

Keep it classy and give your gift personality with small embellishments. 

Pro- Tip: Experiment with dried florals, fresh greenery, wooden objects, interesting hang tags, etc. 

It's fun to flirt.

Just a little wink and nod. 

Size matters! In this situation it's ALWAYS okay to put baby in a box. 

Wrapping an odd shaped item is frustrating. 

You can avoid the dreaded wrapping fatigue!

 Grab all the recycled boxes you have lying around and put gifts inside. 

Forget icky paper bulges and enjoy perfect creases. 

Pro- Tip: Push sides of paper inward, creating four 45-degree-angle flaps, then crease along flaps.

High and tight. 

Make the corners count.

It's all about the experience. Consider building the anticipation, like the first steps of a dance.

Imagine carefully holding your gift and grasping the ribbon. 

Makt the first impression to be a good one. 

Whether it's a big bow or simple tie. It's a simple, yet powerful statement.

Pro-Tip: explore grosgrain and satin ribbons.

Keep it cute.

Skip the cheap curling ribbon.

Finally, make it personal and include a handwritten note. 

Gifts are special and should be remembered long after they've been unwrapped. 

Go on...just say it!

What You'll Need

Scissors. The sharper the better.

Lots of Tape. Double-sided is a great option. A tape dispenser is always a good idea!

 Wrapping Paper. Thick paper is much easier to maneuver. Please choose eco-friendly paper and recycle it afterwards.

Boxes. Square and rectangle are the best. 

High-quality Ribbon. Thin ribbon is ideal for small packages and thick for larger. A double knot will keep it secure.

Flair. Some ideas include: small pinecones, pine stems, eucalyptus, dried lavender, cotton flower, wood beads, etc. 

Card or Tags. A personal message is the finishing touch. 

To Inspire