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How to Invite Fall Indoors

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How to Invite Fall Indoors

I’m savoring the last few minutes of summer, but I am looking forward to what it’s store for the rest of 2019. This year is flying by. It’s been a total whirlwind! I’m going to try and slow down (just a little) these next few months and be as present as possible. I think fall is the perfect time to reset, recharge and brace ourselves for the holiday season. Some ideas to bring the fall home:

  • Color: Burgundy, bronze, espresso and emerald are only a few of my favorite fall colors. I like to keep things simple and clean at home. Neutral is my palette and it’s what defines my décor, but I love adding in pops of color with throw blankets, pillows, rugs and personal objects. Layering rugs is a great way to add color and texture. Touches of emerald or bronze compliment most spaces and really bring the fall feeling indoors.
  • Cookbook: I am by no means a chef (not even close), but I love food and I adore flipping through a nicely curated cookbook. The photos drive the journey, and when I think of fall food, I think of beautiful colors. Apples, cranberries, beats, squash and pumpkin. A good cookbook inspires delicious food while adding style to your kitchen. A couple of the titles we carry at Red Lark are perfect for any season, but particularly fall:  Tieghan Gerard’s Half Baked Harvest and Jessica Merchant’s The Pretty Dish are the perfect kitchen companions.
  • Candle: I recommend new candles for every season. Why? Well, why not? Candles bring light, warmth and memories. Right now, I’m leaning towards the crisp smells of moss, eucalyptus, cedar and driftwood. I’m also planning to add clove, amber and mahogany to my repertoire this fall, because why not?
  • Front door: Entire books are devoted to the front door. It’s important for many reasons. It’s the first impression. It’s where you greet your guests or your dog at the end of a long day. Give that doorway some love with a few thoughtfully placed metal flowerpots (fill them with mums or coral bells). Pumpkins and wreaths are staples, but if you want to go outside the box, try draping a fresh garland around the door instead. For the final touch, lay down a brand new doormat…it’s the cherry on top!