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Healing Home

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Healing Home

Long before I knew the benefits of burning sage, my Mom was smudging up a storm! I hate to admit it, but I thought she was nuts. It seemed strange to willingly fill our house with smoke in order to "clear it." I didn't know anyone else's Mom was smudging...

It wasn't until I was dealing with infertility and desperately searching for any thing that could help, I decided to give it a try. That's right, I smudged. 

I'm not sure if that was the reason I was finally able to conceive, but I know that clearing negative energy is always a good idea. It simply makes room for all positive vibes!

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Healing Home Curated Gift Box

Smudge Stick by Before Noon. Sourced from the high desert mountains of Southern California, these Smudge Sticks are grown and hand-wrapped by members of a family owned and operated farm. 

Solid Brass Incense Holder by Before Noon. A simple and beautiful linear incense holder helps to position and burn your favorite incense sticks as the scent purifies the air and soul.

Sweetgrass Campfire Incense by Juniper Ridge. Bring the wilderness indoors and enjoy the scents of the forest at home. Scent Notes: Tonka Bean, Freshly Baked Alfalfa, Sweet Scented Bedstraw

Goldie Bud Vase by Placeholder Brand. A tapered, bell shaped vase with a clean, modern shape in a vintage inspired color palette.  

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This handcrafted gift box is a wonderful housewarming gift, host/hostess gift or for anyone that would benefit from clear spaces and a spiritual lift.