Don't Give Up the Ship

At 28, I joined the United States Navy Reserve. As a reservist, I had a civilian career and served as a public affairs officer supporting the Navy's active duty part-time. I never deployed and, unlike many of my shipmates, I was never in harms way or in a dangerous place.

I traveled to beautiful locations, met amazing people and had a lot of really unique experiences. Ultimately, I left the Navy to pursue other passions and Red Lark was born. 

"Don't Give Up The Ship," is a treasured Navy motto and now my personal daily mantra. Don't surrender. Keep fighting. 

There are times when it's necessary to retreat. Currently, we're all in the midst of endless unknowns and with uncertainty comes anxiety - a tendency to turn down or inward.  Recognizing when it's time to slow down in order to recharge and keep going is important. There is power in taking a break. 

Right now, I'm deciding to pick up the pace. I'm heading Up and Forward. And, I want everyone that is kind and hard-working to find beauty in the pursuit as well. I'm only competitive with myself. I cheer you on...

Perhaps it sounds cliche, but alas. "Don't Give Up The Ship."


Photo & Watercolor Print @thewildwander

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