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Create Cozy 


It serves so many purposes. It's your your "go-to" spot for relaxing, entertaining, reading, or watching the big game! 

Your living room should feel "lived in." Warm, inviting, and yes, cozy!

Considering how often it’s used and how important it is we've added simple ways to create cozy in your living room.

Cozy Details

Shearling. A sheepskin rug makes a beautiful statement on the back of the sofa, draped over an ottoman or sprawled on a wood bench. It adds texture and coziness without compromising modern style. It's the perfect hygge addition!

Woven Baskets. Layer them on the wall to create a statement gallery or place several on your coffee table to catch all your goodies. I love to toss in a few air plants, dried florals or pretty rocks I've picked up along the way.

Firewood. Whether you burn it or just use it as decor, adding wood is a very simple and inexpensive way to warm your space. There are so many ways to display your logs, for example stacked in a simple container, piled in your fireplace,  or tied together  in bundles. 

More Ideas

Throw Blankets. A generous-sized throw and a comfy sofa go together like peas and carrots. A cozy evening is made complete with a warm drink, soft blanket and good conversation. Have a couple on hand for guests as well. 

Books. Create a visual story with your favorite books. Line them up on a shelf or lay them down on a coffee. Bonus: books are a wonderful conversation starter! 

Plants. Breathe life (literally) into your living space with houseplants. They add beautiful, natural colors and texture to any space. Air plants, succulents and cactus are really easy to care for and last during all seasons.