Create Cozy 


It's more than just a place to cook and serve meals. It's the heartbeat of your home. 

A place to gather, share food and create traditions. 

Considering how often it’s used and how important it is we've added simple ways to create  cozy in your kitchen.

Cozy Details

Candles. Nothing says, "get cozy and stay awhile" like a burning candle. I keep a variety on hand and switch them out frequently. I find myself leaning towards tapered candles in the kitchen and dining spaces. I love the soft light they offer and they all seem to have a unique burn which adds interest. *Tip: I make sure to use non-drip*

Layering Textures. Using natural elements of wood, rattan, ceramics, etc. offers textural statements to every space. Layering these elements add visual interest with depth and volume. Simply stack different cutting boards either vertically on a shelf or backsplash or lay flat on a shelf. Pedestals make create foundations for spices, butter, dressings or utensils. 

Vases. Having a variety on hand is an easy way to add an easy coziness to your kitchen. I always have different ones on exposed shelves or on the counter. I like to mix different styles, sizes and materials in order to add character and dimension. To keep it minimal, I stick with neutral tones and use ceramics, rattan wrapped glass, porcelain, or amber glass) 

Salt Cellar. Salt is probably the most widely used spice and it's a staple in most kitchens. Having easy access to salt is key and I love the way a salt cellar looks. There are so many styles to choose from. I have my beehive salt cellar for my flaky finishing salts and a acacia salt mill for my kosher cooking salt. It's such a simple way to add style to your counter. 

More Ideas

Cookbooks. To be honest, I don't love cooking. But, I love looking through cookbooks! The photography is what draws me in and then I love when authors add their personal anecdotes next to the recipe. It's like sharing your favorite meal idea with a friend. I proudly gather cookbooks by the season and arrange them with their spines facing out.  

Crocks. It's so much better grabbing a spatula, wooden spoon or whisk from a beautiful crock. I have two on my counter at all times, with my "go-to" items inside. I love the look of ceramic and it stands up well to lots of use and it's easy to clean.