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Create Cozy | Bedroom

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Create Cozy | Bedroom


It's where you rest, relax and nurture your body. 

A place to unwind and prepare for the day ahead. It should feel warm, comfortable and soothing. 

Considering how often it’s used and how important it is, here's a simple guide to Creating Cozy


Layered Linens. Fluffy pillows, a soft down comforter and a few casual throws on your bed invite you to get cozy. Let's face it - naps are always a good idea!
Candles. Burning a candle at the end of a long day will set the tone for relaxation. Aromatherapy is a wonderful tool to help calm the mind and ease the body. 
Wood Textures. The natural elements of wood create the ultimate cozy feel. I like blending oak, walnut and pine to really emphasize texture. Accents are a great place to start. A candle holder, tray, keepsake box, etc.
Framed Photo. Your bedroom is personal. It's your safe place. Whether it's a photo of your pup, you kids, a partner or best friend - the visual will fill you up. 
Books. I love books and have them all throughout the house. I slip off the jacket  and let the spine shine. A great way to add texture, color and personality to your nightstand.