The Gift of Plants

For me, giving a plant is like sharing a piece of joy in the most peaceful of ways. With a little love and care, it's a gift that will continue to spread joy long after the they recieve it.  

The Joy 

Plants make wonderful gifts for variety of occasions.

A birthday, anniversary, housewarming, sympathy, graduation...(the list goes on).

Indoor plants breathe life and joy into any space. They freshen the air and absorb carbon dioxide. 

Whether it's in a small bedroom, home office, bathroom or grand foyer, they add beauty, color and texture. 

My Favorites


Chinese Money Plant

The Pilea peperomioides (aka money plant) grows best in a shady spot. Consider a winter windowsill. Watch it grow in abundance with only weekly watering. 


Air Plant

Tillandsia doesn't need soil to grow! They love a little bath for about 20 minutes every week or so. They are happy wherever you put them. 


English Ivy

An intricate and fairy-like fern with deep green leaves. This fern will stay compact and does not grow very tall, making it a great option for a small space.


Also coined the "prayer plants."  A simple and delightful shade, they light to stay moist but are happy to avoid bright light. 


Rubber Plant

 A potted rubber tree tolerates bright direct light, but put it in a slightly more shaded spot and it will thank you for it. Water once-a-week or when the soil is dry. 


Phalaenopsis Orchid

You can find these beauties in their native tropical asian countries. They prefer low light and more humid conditions. They may appear intimidating, but can tolerate quite a lot. 


ZZ Plant

The official name is Zamioculcas zamiifolia and is native to East Africa. This incredible plant can tolerate low light, little moisture and low humidity.


Lady Fingers Cactus
A Lady Finger Cactus needs as much sunlight as it can possibly get. It can handle indirect sunlight but will thrive in full sun.


Typically, I don't like to recommend gifts that require a lot of attention and that's why I made a list of my favorites plants that are also easy to care for. 

When determining the best plant to give as a gift, there are a few important things to consider.

  • Size  
  • Care  
  • Pets or Children 

Make sure to check the mature size of the plant. Will it fit comfortably in their home. Perhaps you want to give someone who recently retired a plant for their home office. 

Do you want it to be small enough to compliment a desk or large enough to fill the corner of the room. 

Put a little bit of thought into where you imagine this plant to live. That will certainly help determine the size. 

Consider how much care the plant requires. Some plants prefer soft filtered light, a lot or very little moisture, are sensitive to heat or may go dormant for long periods of time. 

You don't want your gift to be a burden, so I suggest selecting a plant that fits well into their lifestyle. 

For example, if they are frequent travellers, you may want to go with a cactus or succulent that requires very little attention.

 However, if they are more experienced with plants, perhaps the would enjoy a more unique and slightly more high-maintenance species. 

It's really important give thought to who else may be in contact with the plant. Will there be pets or little children nearby?  

Most kiddos prefer to snack on sweets, but toddlers are very curious. It wouldn't be crazy to find them nibbling on a plant (trust me, I've witnessed it). 

Most plants will only irritate their skin or cause mild nausea, but some are actually very dangerous and may even life threatening. 

Safety is an important consideration when giving a plant.