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Bonjour Baby

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Bonjour Baby

Finding the perfect baby gift can be difficult. If you’re looking for something that’s not on a typical registry, something a little different, something special and unique, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a list of our current faves to include in your next welcome wagon!

  • Muslin Blanket. A new baby can never have enough. They are a wonderfully versatile and serve as a swaddle blanket, stroller cover, an extra layer in the cart seat and beyond! The best are generous in size, lightweight and soft enough to wrap around baby’s sensitive skin. Classic black and white color combinations are perfect for both little girls and boys.  
  • Stuffed Toy. Most of us can remember having a stuffed animal that stuck with us for the long haul. They play an important role during playtime and offer comfort when it’s time to rest. There’s a reason why it’s a universal staple in most bedrooms.
  • Complete Outfit. Babies have multiple wardrobe changes daily. Having plenty of modern, well-made and comfortable outfits on-hand is essential. Curating a complete outfit of quality organic, eco-friendly and stylish materials is a bonus. A pair of soft moccasins are the perfect touch. After all, babies deserve the best.  
  • Classic Book. There are some books that out live the rest. They hold a special place on our shelves and are passed down to the next book lover. We gravitate towards our favorites and those stories are often recorded in our memories. A classic book like, Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey will never go out of style.  
  • Wooden Toys. They are better for the environment, built to last and have been enjoyed by kids for generations. Mass produced plastic toys are noisy and usually are cast aside within a few months. Opting for a unique wooden toy is showing appreciation for craftsmanship and it should last much longer than the sad pile of forgotten toys.
  • Art Cards. Simple, high-contrast, black and white images help babies develop their eyesight. They are a perfect tool to stimulate their vision and assist in brain development. They are adorable too. Parents, siblings, sitters and grandparents will enjoy them too!