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5 Thoughtful Teacher Gifts

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5 Thoughtful Teacher Gifts

I’m always filled with emotions this time of year. It’s been awhile since I laced up a new pair of shoes or boarded a bus on the first day of school, but I still feel the anticipation and excitement that comes with “Back to School.”

I loved (still love) the ritual of gathering and organizing supplies, paper, pencils, etc. I remember carefully packing them into a new backpack along with a fresh lunchbox. New clothes were laid out and brand-new shoes sat perfectly, and impatiently, in their box. I couldn’t wait to see my friends and meet my teachers.

As an adult, I often think of teachers preparing for their first day of school. Some of my closest friends are teachers, and I know firsthand their excitement and anticipation. I can’t help thinking they look forward to all the new possibilities and prepare for many new personalities!

Here are some ideas to show our teachers we care:

  • A candle and bath salts will help your teacher unwind after a long day filled with curious kiddos and lots of energy. (Hint: travel candles are great for on the desk or next to the bathtub.)
  • Hand soap to help with all the classroom messes, as well as protection from all of the germs floating around. The ORE wash by ZENTS is my absolute favorite. Chose something with a subtle yet beautiful scent that reminds them they are appreciated.
  • A glass water bottle. Classrooms can be dry and often filled with only circulated air. Hydration gives us energy and the glass holds steady temperature and is environmentally friendly.
  • An essential tote bag. Totes that fold, roll up or simply lay flat and easy to grab are perfect, especially for his/her hands that are full. Carrying all our essentials becomes a lot more interesting in a fresh tote bag.
  • A planter and a plant are a wonderful way of bringing nature indoors. They are natural humidifiers and are believed to boost healing and deter illness. On top of that, they are beautiful. A ceramic planter can last forever and host lots of plants over the years.