5 Thoughtful Gifts for the Host/Hostess

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5 Thoughtful Gifts for the Host/Hostess

Gratitude is shared in many ways. It can be a simple note with a thoughtful sentiment or a meaningful gift to express your appreciation. I have received wonderful hostess gifts over the years, and in return, I am mindful of a hostess’ personality when I prepare their gift. Here is a quick list of ideas to inspire:

  • Vase. Nothing says, “thank you” like a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers. I love going a bit further and finding a unique vase to serve as the vessel. When the flowers fulfill their duties and their blooms have dulled, it’s nice to have a beautiful reminder to save for the next bouquet.
  • Stationary. I’ve always loved the smell of fresh paper – (it’s odd, I know). We are all guilty of firing off a text or sending a quick email before sending something hand-written. However, there is something special and timeless about receiving a tangible note. You can purchase a box of beautiful card stock – or with some advance notice, have stationary printed with their monogram. Include a pen to make it a beautiful set!
  • Treats. The way to most of our hearts is through food. Whether you prefer sweet, salty, crunchy or tangy…there are endless possibilities. If you think your host/hostess has a sweet tooth, perhaps you can prepare a batch of homemade caramels inside a handmade basket. Or if they enjoy something savory, chocolate dipped pretzels in a tissue-lined tin will surely be appreciated.
  • Linens. Gifting hand/dish towels may seem a bit “throw back.” However, we are all searching for ways to include subtle décor in our everyday life. Most of us also intend to be more eco-minded. Instead of reaching for a stiff paper towel, dry your hands on soft linen. Tie a ribbon around a couple of nicely folded towels and finish with a sprig of lavender (if available). Simple yet elegant. 
  • Picture Frame. In our digital world, we often forget about the joy of having printed photos. Receiving a nice frame is the much-needed incentive to print those photos stored on your phone, tablet or digital camera. I love seeing my memories captured around the house and a thoughtfully selected frame can give it that simple touch of sophistication.